Nothin’ Venture(d)

Class Project (UW Front-End Development Certificate Program)


    UW Certificate program game project

  • ROLE:

    designer, developer

  • TOOLS:

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript


This is a very basic browser-based game styled after old text-based adventures. It was created for the University of Washington certificate program in Front-End Development with HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Using JavaScript and the HTML canvas feature, the game builds a simple map to show the Player where they are and what obstacles they face.

The player can also ‘sense’ the presence of treasure and traps, so this feedback guides the player in their journey through the game.

Currently-supported commands: n(orth),s(outh),e(ast),w(est) and q(uit) i,j,k,m: the same as north,south,east and west

Nothin’ Venture(d) logo designed and created by myself in Illustrator.

Live site link

GitHub repository