to the 25-HOUR DAY, digital portfolio of Neil Schnepf.
I am a Seattle-based designer, writer, and developer with a background in game and print design.
Art is a conversation. I love crafting the way that people engage and interact with the medium through design.
Below are some examples of the ways that I’ve helped guide the user experience.

  • Katherine Pak, Software Developer and Educator

    Neil has been a student in our front-end web development certification program. His talent shined in his approach and implementation to each assignment. He combines a keen sense of aesthetics with crisp and logical code. It has been a delight to see the work he comes up with each week. He has a creative imagination, and is a highly-skilled programmer (JavaScript). He is also a gracious person and very easy to work with. He would be an asset to any web-development project, both front-end as well as back end.

    Katherine Pak
  • Cheri Allen, Software Engineer and Educator

    “Neil has been my student through two front end development courses. He consistently writes clear, high quality, tested code, with particular skill at JavaScript. He is quick to pick up new concepts and techniques, and finds creative ways to expand his knowledge of the topics we’ve learned in class. Instead of passively waiting for more information to be presented, he will explore and research on his own to learn what he’s interested in. He has no problem navigating language or tool documentation. I think Neil would be a strong addition to any front end team.”

    Cheri Allen
  • Emil Harmsen, CEO & Creative Director @ PsyberFire, Inc.

    “Neil has been a tremendous asset to our environment team. His work is always a cut above and focused. He never fails to offer his insight not only in his work but his teams work as well. I see him as a leader and would recommend him for any company looking to excel.”

    – Emil Harmsen
  • Mike Callaway, Owner, Bending Light Inc.

    “Neil is a consummate professional. His background in both art and science gives him the perfect combination of skill sets for the CG industry. He approaches technical challenges with creativity and with close attention to detail. Neil’s work is always on time and within budget, and exceeds expectations.”

    – Mike Callaway
  • Sean Henry, President at Calabash Animation

    “Neil does great work and has an excellent and professional attitude. He is very reasonable, easy to work with, and hard-working. He is detail-oriented and extremely creative. A pleasure to work with in all respects.”

    – Sean Henry