Cyber Solstice

Console Game (Ouya) :: Renders (Forever Interactive)


    Console Game (Ouya)

  • DATE:

    October 2013

  • ROLE:

    Print and game designer; 3D Modeler

Cyber Solstice was the second project to come out of EverFire Studios. Like Battle Gnomes, it was developed as part of a quick-dev team spun off from Forever Interactive to target the mobile market.

CS was a retro-style on-rail shooter set in a dystopian city overrun by an oppressive AI.
It was released to the Ouya platform in October of 2013.

As an early partner with Ouya, Forever Interactive and EverFire Studios were given a chance to demo the game at the Ouya booth at GDC in 2013.

These are personally-designed environments and renders inspired by the world of Cyber Solstice, using in-game assets that I helped design and model.